Online Meisner Fundamentals

Online Meisner Fundamentals Course

We are actors. We need to train, we need to be moving forward and we need to connect. We are seeing other schools charging anywhere from $600 up to $3,000 for their online classes; claiming the training is the same or even better. We understand the need to continue business during these unprecedented times, but doing so at the expense of a student’s proper training is very disheartening to us. So, we’re offering a reduced version of Meisner training at a substantially lower rate than other schools.

We believe:

  • The full Meisner Technique can not be taught properly online.
  • Online classes should not cost the same as in-person classes.
  • The $200 cost for our online course should be credited to your in-person classes here in Los Angeles, once they return.
  • Online class sizes must be limited. Ours is 8 students.

Because of your need to continue this training, even online, we’ve developed and adjusted the work to teach you basic Meisner Fundamentals. As the work will be modified to accommodate the limitations of online, this course will not carry over to our in-person classes. 

This course will only cover the fundamental elements of the first three months of the Meisner Technique.

Next course schedule: Monday through Thursdays, 3:00pm to 6:00pm PDT for 5 weeks.
Start date: May 17th 2021.

An interview is required before being accepted. 

Email or call to schedule an interview.