The Basis Workshop

The “Basis” of Film & TV Acting with Colleen & Austin Basis
From Class to the Audition to Set
Saturdays, from 7/14/18 to 8/4/18 at 12pm. $350 for all 4 sessions.

Whether this is your first acting class or you’ve been training for years, the audition is a microcosm of what will be demanded of you on set. The actor must be a constant collaborator with their training, their technique, their emotions, their instincts and their environment. Maintaining the integrity of your craft is key because that is what you can control. Everyone says to the actor, “Be in class!” …But why? Why do actors constantly get that advice? We answer that question & fulfill that need for you.

What We Do:

  • Guide actors from class to the audition to set in the most informed way possible, based on real world experience
  • Bridge the gap between their training and the execution of that training in a professional setting
  • Translate what the actor practices in class to make specific personalized choices for the audition, to then take with them onto Set


Week 1:  Television Co-Stars & Guest Stars

Whether you are a beginning actor or have years of classes under your belt, we will prepare you for what to expect when you walk into an audition room. We’ll take you through the real world business basics on how to approach co-stars and guest stars for television, and find yourself in service to the show. Sometimes the biggest challenge is not the size of the role, but how to do the most with the material. From preparation to slating to making the most informed choices to how to leave the room, our goal is to instill confidence in you, your talent & your choices.

Week 2:  Pilot Season

This week we’ll take you through the demands of auditioning for a series regular. With pilot auditions, you will get the full script so your goal will be to elevate the material by incorporating yourself into the character. Building on Week 1, we will help you mine the script for the information that will bring your character to life and let your strengths shine through.

Week 3:  Film Work

Similar to pilots, you will likely receive the full script for a film audition. This week we will focus on understanding the rhythm and pace of the film format; navigating the different demands of this medium; finding where your character fits into the full arc of the film; and fulfilling the narrative.

Week 4:  The Self-Tape

Using the skills acquired in the previous three weeks, we will teach you how to execute your own self-tape audition. This has become a necessary skill for the working actor. You will learn how to produce an audition tape that will live up to industry standards.

Each week we will also address industry basics including headshots, representation, actor resources, networking, branding, and your online presence.

Who We Are:

Colleen and Austin are a husband & wife team with two different points of view- one behind the camera, the other in front. Their cumulative experiences will guide the Actor from Class to the Audition to Set.

2 Industry Professionals for the price of 1

Colleen Basis

Colleen Basis – Click image for more info

Colleen has extensive acting training, several years of casting experience, and a private coaching business. Her clients have included Kerry Washington, star of ABC’s “Scandal”, and many other actors at various levels in their career. She believes acting is a collaborative process and every actor needs a partner in preparation.


Austin Basis

Austin Basis – Click image for more info

Austin is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio and has an MFA in Acting. He’s been auditioning & working professionally in TV & Film for 17 years, including as a series regular for The CW’s “Beauty & The Beast” and “Life Unexpected”- as well as guest starring roles on “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, among others.